Undeveloped land that would become Eagle Ridge

The roots of Mutual 68 go back as far as 1944 when the Walnut Creek Planning Commission approved a map of Rossmoor which showed 105.5 acres of undeveloped land known as Neighborhood Nine. From that point meetings were held, plans were developed, changes were made, and eventually Eagle Ridge became what we know today.

In 1977 the Commission okayed the development of 789 units that could be built in Neighborhood Nine, and 16 years later a proposal by UDC Home Builders was approved to construct 434 units in Neighborhood Nine. However, the number was again decreased in 1995 to a maximum of 235. 

Grading of the area to be developed commenced in 1997, and the builder named the area Eagle Ridge. But later that year UDC Home Builders filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and the proposed development was purchased first by DMB Property Ventures and later by Shea Builders who completed the project.

One year later Walnut Creek approved the final plans for the first two of four phases, the first four units were sold, and Eagle Ridge officially became Mutual 68. Building continued until the last unit was sold in December 31, 2001.