Facilities, services and programs are provided by three organizations with separate and discrete responsibilities and authority. They are the Golden Rain Foundation, the Mutuals (homeowners associations) and the Mutual Operations Division (property manager).
The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF)
The Golden Rain Foundation (GRF) manages and maintains public facilities and services within Rossmoor. These include the golf courses, clubhouses, fitness center, swimming pools, tennis courts, meeting rooms, craft shops, public streets, sidewalks, landscaping, public safety, counseling services, special events, bus system, recreation, basic cable television, etc.
A Board of nine Directors elected by popular vote from their Districts manage the Trust Properties of the Golden Rain Foundation, the affairs of the Foundation and its committees. The Board employs a Chief Executive Officer, responsible to the Board, who supervises a staff of approximately 270 employees.
Golden Rain Foundation Administration
The Golden Rain Foundation Administration Office is located in the Gateway complex at 1001 Golden Rain Road. Among the offices located here are the Mutual Board Office, the Golden Rain Foundation Office, the Board Room, and many of the Foundation Department Offices.
The Member Records Department is at the Gateway complex and is responsible for handling all member and resident records including ownership, member certificates, leases, occupant and guest registrations and death notifications. Please notify this Department of any pertinent changes in your records especially the death of a spouse or partner who might have an ownership interest in your property or a resulting change in trust ownership details. It is your responsibility.
Nineteen Homeowner Associations, called Mutuals, with 6,674 homes (units) are responsible for the well-being and maintenance of the residential buildings and landscaping of Mutual common areas. Three Mutuals are co-ops and the remainder are condominiums, except one Planned Unit Development of single family homes. Each Mutual is governed by its Board of Directors elected by its residents.
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